Journal of Physical Education/UEM Dossier: historical background, development and perspectives

José Luiz Lopes Vieira Amauri Aparecido Bássoli de Oliveira Celso Souza Alda Lúcia Pirolo Lenamar Fiorese Vieira About the authors

The Journal of Physical Education/UEM is a scientific journal published by the Department of Physical Education of the State University of Maringá. It was released in 1988 with an annual periodicity; it became semiannual by the year of 2002 and quarterly in 2007. Its original character remains unchanged in relation to the proposal of publishing scientifi c articles produced in different theoretical conceptions in the areas of teaching physical education. This article aims to describe the historical trajectory of its consolidation, in other words, the process of its development, the challenges, strategies of arguments and its contribution as one of the journals of Physical Education in Brazil, from the perspective of its editors.

Journal; Physical education; History; Journal of Physical Education/UEM

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