Flow properties of powdered food products

Trying to provide more information about the flow of industrial solid materials, this research determined the flow properties of four powdered products manufactured by food industries and examined their levels of flowability, depending on the time of consolidation. The tests were conducted in the Jenike shear cell machine and consolidation bench. For determination of the flow index (FFC) and minimum diameter of the discharge orifice (D) Jenike's methodology was used and for minimum angle of the hopper, the Enstad's method was adopted. It may be concluded that the consolidation time studied did not affect the flow properties of powdered materials and the minimum inclination of hopper angle was 60º. It was possible to determine the discharge orifice by Jenike's method only in case of wheat flour with a minimum value of 1.1 m for 24-hour period of consolidation.

discharge; industrial powder; conical hopper

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