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Being the Sibling of a Deaf Person: Reports from Childhood to Adulthood


The aim of this study was to analyze the experience of deaf persons' siblings about their life stories and the implications of the disability in fraternal relationships. This was an exploratory study of qualitative approach, which included the participation of five siblings of deaf persons aged 31-44 years. The following instruments for data collection were used: identification questionnaire and in-depth interview guide. Data were analyzed from Social Representation Analysis. The main results showed that the difficulty in communicating with their deaf siblings reflected in difficulties in relationships that persisted from childhood to adulthood. It is considered that the issues relating to the disability brought repercussions to all family members, especially in the communication and relationship categories and that providing specialized care to the parents and siblings of deaf persons would help in coping with situations related to the disability and in strengthening family ties.

Special Education; Siblings; People with Disabilities; Family; Deafness

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