Giftedness: a shool matter

Célia Maria Paz Ferreira Barreto Marsyl Bulkool Mettrau About the authors

The study took place in a public federal school in Rio de Janeiro. The overall objectives were to investigate representations teachers have about giftedness and existing indications of such students that should be referred to specific learning and counseling programs. Two different groups were taken as samples. The first was made up of 36 elementary and high school teachers. The other consisted of four school sectors, charged with keeping students data records. The qualitative method of contents analysis was used. This study indicates its participants have representations about giftedness, although there were no gifted students enrolled in the institution where the study took place. The results also suggest that there is a pressing need to implement inclusive actions for gifted students at this school, as well as further developing the investigation at a deeper level.

Special Education; Giftedness; Representation; Counseling

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