Cross-sectorial Analysis in the Health at Schools Program

Isabelle Carolline Veríssimo de Farias Ronice Maria Pereira Franco de Sá Nilcema Figueiredo Abel Menezes FilhoAbout the authors


This research aimed to identify and analyze the process of cross-sectorialcooperation in the Health at Schools Program in a cityin Pernambuco state. Through semi-structured interviews this qualitative research addressed health care and education professionals in the first 20 schools that joined the PSE since its launch in the city. Data were analyzed using content analysis proposed by Bardin, associated with the computer program NVivo ®, as well as field diary also being used. The survey revealed that the biggest dilemma is to operate a necessarily cross-sectorial policy explained in an environment with actors that have previously established sectorial agendas and without sufficient space for the correct implementation of the policy, which leads to difficulty in reconciling institutional times of the various sectors and the sector involvement and commitment, preventing the sustainability of actions. Changes are being implemented, but what can be seen is the lack of training and continuing education, besides the lack of protocols to guide the development of cross-sectorial actions.

School Health; Medical Education; Health Promotion; Intersectoral Action

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