Ìpàdé with Maestra Iara Deodoro: memories from the Afro-Sul Group, a piece of Africa in the South of Brazil

Manoel Gildo Alves Neto Suzane Weber da Silva About the authors


This paper follows the journey of the Black artist Maria Iara Santos Deodoro and her artistic-pedagogical work with the Afro-Sul Music and Dance Group. It also reflects and contextualizes certain events and topics in the debate on ethnic-racial relations concerning the Performing Arts in southern Brazil and further exchanges. Corporeality, orality, and musicality intertwined with dance are discussed as Afro-oriented perspectives practiced by the Afro-Sul Group in the fight against racism.

Maestra Iara Deodoro; Afro-Gaúcha dance; Dance History; Ethnic-Racial Relations; Rio Grande do Sul

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