Gender Performativity Seen Through the Eyes of Children: a drag queen mediates literary encounters

La Performativité de Genre aux Yeux des Enfants: une drag queen comme médiatrice de la lecture littéraire

Cristiano Eduardo da Rosa Jane Felipe About the authors


In this article we examine ways in which gender performativity may be recognized by young children, looking at a drag queen’s mediation of literary encounters. The theoretical-analytical framework we employ comes from Gender Studies and Cultural Studies of post-structuralist inspiration. Our text recounts experiences from readings, conversation circles and play activities we organized in a small city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Analyzing children’s play and interactions, we observe that from an early age they begin to recognize and question certain expectations about bodies. Contact with art, through literature and other modes of gender performance, can contribute to this reflexive process.

Performativity; Childhood; Gender Scripts; Drag Queen

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