The sense of playing and playing as a team in childhood as foundations for the construction of social democracy

Carmem Lúcia Albrecht da Silveira Munir José Lauer Rosimar Serena Siqueira Esquinsani About the authors


The aim of this article was to discuss the elementary sense of playing and playing as a team, in the period of human development in childhood, as fundamental elements to democratic citizen education. The study in question is justified because it leads to the understanding of playing as elementary foundations for democratic citizen formation. The investigation takes the qualitative path of the bibliographical and theoretical review, of the authors Mead (2010MEAD, G. Espíritu, persona y sociedad: desde el punto de vista del conductismo social. Madrid: Paidós, 2010.), Casagrande (2014CASAGRANDE, C. Mead e a educação. Belo Horizonte: Autêntica, 2014.), Kishimoto (2011KISHIMOTO, T. M. O jogo e a educação infantil. In: KISHIMOTO, T. M. (Org.). Jogo, brinquedo, brincadeira e a educação . 14. ed. São Paulo: Cortez , 2011. p. 13-43. ) and Maturana (1994MATURANA, H. La democracia es una obra de arte. Bogotá: Editorial Linotipia Bolivar y Cia, 1994. (Colección Mesa Redonda).), which is intended to the robustness of the discussion of the subject in question. Initially, it addresses the process of development of the child's self-awareness, having in playing and playing as a team the necessary interactive social conditions, the consolidation of the genesis and the structuring of the individual's self (himself). Subsequently, it addresses the issue of democracy as a piece of art, as it is produced daily by fraternal coexistence. It emphasizes playing and playing as a team as essential foundations of democracy. Such activities help in the mechanism of identity construction of the democratic self. Democratic coexistence is constituted by being fundamentally educational, educating children through understanding, dialogue, agreements, awareness, correcting error as something constructive and learning.

childhood and play; citizen education; democracy

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