Occurrence of lip and palate clefts in the city of São José dos Campos-SP

Milena Nunes Cerqueira Symone Cristina Teixeira Suely Carvalho Mutti Naressi Ana Paula Polito Ferreira About the authors

OBJECTIVE: This study examined the occurrence of lip and palate clefts in the city of São José dos Campos-SP. METHODS: data of people born between 1992 and 2002 were analyzed according to the sex, socioeconomic class, type of cleft, and relation with other syndromes. A total of 200 records were obtained from AAFLAP (Association of Support to the Lip and Palate Cleft), entity that since 1987 has been receiving, guiding and providing the necessary therapeutic care. RESULTS: The analysis of the data did not show any significant difference in occurrence rates in terms of sex (48% female and 52% male). 73.70% of the cases were children of lower socioeconomic classes. The incisive post-foramen cleft prevailed in 41.33% of the cases, followed by incisive transforamen cleft with 33.16%, incisive pre-foramen cleft with 24.49%, and the rare ones with 1.02%. Of the incisive post-foramen cleft cases, 79% were incomplete, and 56% of the incisive pre-foramen cleft cases were on the left side. Out of all cases, 9.18% were associated to some kind of syndrome, Pierre Robin's Syndrome being the most prevalent, and in 94% of the times it was associated to post-foramen cleft. CONCLUSIONS: The survey showed no difference in occurrence rates in terms of sex of the child; lower socioeconomic classes were more affected; the most prevalent type of cleft was incomplete post-foramen; and approximately one tenth of the total sample presented association with other syndromes.

Epidemiology; Cleft palate; Occurrence

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