Evaluation of banana genotypes in the low São Francisco river basin, Sergipe, Brazil

The main objective of this work was evaluated the performance of twenty genotypes of Musa sp., in the environmental conditions of the Low São Francisco River Basin, Propriá, SE, and Brazil. The experimental design was a randomized complete block with four replications and three useful plants per parcel. rowth and yield characteristics were analyzed during the first and second production cycles. Hybrids PV42-53, PV42-68, PV42-85 and FHIA-02 because of the bigger production and greater weight of the fruit, should be recommended for culture in the region. Hybrid FHIA-18 presented excellent agronomic characteristics, being an alternative to 'Prata Anã'. The hybrids Ambrosia and Buccaneer can be an alternative for Cavendish bananas, by showing great bunches and similar flavor. Hybrid YB42-07 could be an option for areas of 'Silk' banana culture in the region of the Low São Francisco River, having potential to be set up as cultivar.

Musa sp.; cultivars; hybrids

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