Storage of dovyalis seeds (Dovyalis abyssinica warb x Dovyalis hebecarpa warb)

This work had as objective to evaluate the effects of period and condition of storage on emergency of dovyalis seeds (Dovyalis caffra), a shrub fruitful species which seeds are recalcitrant. It was adopted a completely randomized design in factorial 3 x 5, corresponding to storage conditions: dry chamber storage (18±2ºC and 60% of RH), environment condition and cold chamber storage (10±2ºC and 70% of RH); and storage periods, as follows: 0, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. It was observed data referring to emergency percentage (%E) and emergency velocity rate (EVR). The storage condition had no significant statistical effect on variables studied, differently from the storage period, where the higher %E and EVR were obtained at the 14th day of evaluation. At the 14th day %E and EVR decreased.

dovyalis hybrid; exotic fruit; seed emergency

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