Evaluation of acerola seeds by x-ray

The X-ray test has been used for being a fast, accurate and no destructive method. The present paper was carried out with the purpose of verifying the possibility of identifying embryos abnormality of acerola seeds. Seeds from Olivier and Waldy clones androotstock, were radiographed (16 kv radiation and 180 seconds exposition time) and classified in function of their embryos condition (morphologically normal, morphologically abnormal and absent). After the X-ray, all seeds were submitted to a germination test and, after that, the seedlings and dead seeds were photographed and used in a computer with respective X-ray images. The X-ray method permits the detection of damage and abnormality on embryos of acerola seeds which are harmful to germination.

Malpighia emarginata D.C.; seed analysis; image analysis

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