Floral differentiation of RBR-1, SNG-2 and SNG-3 pineapple cultivars in Rio Branco-Acre, Brazil

The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of floral inductors in the floral differentiation of pineapple in the conditions of Rio Branco, AC, Brazil. The experimental design was a complete randomized block in factorial 3 x 2 x 2, with four replications, three pineapple cultivars combined (RBR-1, SNG-2 and SNG-3), two floral inductors (calcium carbide- CaC2 and (2 chloroethyl) phosphonic acid -ethefon) and two application times (10 and 12 months after planting). The plants induced with ethefon after 10 months presented larger floral differentiation (96.25%) when compared with CaC2 (62.92%). The floral differentiation was superior significantly in the plants induced after 12 months with CaC2 (85.42%) when compared with 10 months (62.92%).

Ananas comosus; growth regulator; production cycle

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