Morphologic-vegetative characteristics of coconut cultivars

Amanda da Silva Alves Wilson Menezes Aragão Carina Mendes Loiola Gabriele Torino Pedroso About the authors

The present work was carried out from August 1997 to December 2000, at the "Plato of Neópolis", State of Sergipe, aiming to evaluate the characteristics of number of alive leaves (NFV), number of born leaves (NFE), stem diameter (CC), length of leaf 3 (CF3) length of the leaf blade of leaf 3 (CLF3), length of the petiole of leaf 3 (CPF3), and number of leaflets of leaf 3 (CfoF3) of coconut (Cocus nucifera L.) cultivars, in different agricultural years. A split plot randomized block design with four replications, fourteen treatments and three years of evaluations was used. Records were taken in 16 plants/plot. Statistic analysis of data showed significant differences among cultivars and years for all the evaluated characteristics. Highly significant interaction between cultivar x year was found for NFE and significant interactions for the remained characteristics, pointing out for a diverse behavior of cultivars in relation to the year crop.

variety; hybrid; breeding

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