Evaluation of the bananas genotypes to yellow sigatoka in ocidental amazon

The reactions of hybrids and cultivars of banana were evaluated in response to Mycosphaerella musicola in field conditions. A total of twenty-four plants of each genotype were evaluated using 'Pacovan' and 'Prata-anã' cultivars as the source pathogen. The disease response was ranged from 1 to 8, where 1 represented a weak attack with few or no symptoms and 8 when lesions were observed both in young and old leaves. Disease index (DI) was calculated for each genotype by multiplying the number of plant with the same scoring by the score and dividing the total by 24 (total mumber of one genotypes). The highest DIs were verified for susceptible genotypes, 'Nam', 'Mysore' and hybrid 'PA 12-03'. 'Yangambi km5', 'Thap Maeo', 'Pelipita', 'Pioneira', 'JV 03-15' and 'PV 03-44' were classified as resistant in our test.

Musa sp.; disease resistance; Pseudocercospora musae

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