Conservation of persimmons fruits (Diospyros kaki, L.), cv. fuyu with aplication of 1-methylyclopropene

César Luís Girardi Aguinaldo Parussolo Roque Danieli Adriana Regina Corrent Cesar Valmor Rombaldi About the authors

The present work evaluated the effects of the 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) on persimmons fruits (Diospyrus kaki L.) of cv. Fuyu stored at 0ºC for up to 90 days. Fruits were picked from a commercial orchard in Farroupilha-RS, when skin color was yellow-orange. Three concentrations of 1-MCP (312, 625 and 1250 nL.L-1) were applied for 24 hours in an ambient temperature (±25ºC). Control fruit were kept under identical conditions without 1-MCP treatment. Immediately after treatment application, the fruits were transferred to a cold storage at 0ºC and approximately 90% of relative humidity. Persimmons were analysed on the day of harvest, after 30, 60 and 90 days of refrigerated storage plus 3 more days at ambient temperature to simulate the commercialization period. Total soluble solids, pH and titratable acidity were not influenced by 1-MCP treatments. Ethylene production rates did not reach detectable levels. Skin color showed a higher development of red color in fruits treated with 1-MCP. Flesh firmness was significantly higher in treated fruits in comparison to control fruits, indicating a positive effect of 1-MCP in the postharvest life of persimmons fruits. There was no significant difference among the different concentrations of 1-MCP.

ethylene; storage; postharvest

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