Physical and chemical characteristics of yellow passion fruit submitted to the artificial lighting, irrigation and shade

The aim of this work was to evaluate some physical and chemical characteristics of the yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims f. flavicarpa Deg.) submitted to artificial light, irrigation and shade. It was evaluated the mass, length, diameter, soluble solids and the acidity of the fruits, the soluble solids/acid ratio, the weight and the percentage of the pulp, thickness of the peel and the juice yield. Four systems of production were compared: artificial light/irrigation/shade; artificial light/irrigation; artificial light/shade, artificial light and a natural condition system. The treatments were submitted to artificial light in three different seasons: April 12th, April 27th and May 12th . The experiment was carried out at Escola Técnica Agrícola de Adamantina, SP, Brazil, from April to December 1997. It was observed that in the period from June to November, the different systems of production did not modify the average weight, length and diameter of the fruits of the yellow passion fruit. The artificial light, the irrigation and the shade did not affect the soluble solids content and the acidity of the fruits. The fruits produced in August presented soluble solids and acidity higher than the fruits produced in December. In December, in the illuminated, irrigated and shadowed environment, it was observed an increase in the average weight of the fruits, in the weight of the pulp and thickness of the peel, although there was a lower production. The absence of light, irrigation and shade decreased the weight of fruits and pulp, but increased the juice and pulp yield. The shade, in the irrigation absence decreased the weight and the juice and pulp yield.

yellow passion fruit; photoperiod; chemical properties; physical properties; fruit quality

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