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Since August 6th the RBFAR migrated to a new peer review workflow management system: the ScholarOne Manuscripts™, a modern, complete, and used by most of the prestigious scientific journals in the world. It will enable us to manage the submission, peer review, and publication more efficiently, making easier to authors, reviewers, and editors. RBFAR is now at the forefront of Brazilian scientific journals.

We thank to SciELO Brazil for providing us the access to ScholarOne system as well as to others esteemed Brazilian scientific journals and researchers, that will lead us to focus on quality and timeliness, thereby raising the international profile of Brazilian's research. We also thank to SciELO staff for their work and ability to customize ScholarOne Manuscripts™ to meet the needs of RBFAR.

To authors, by submitting your manuscript to us, will find the peer review process faster and more streamlined as reviewers and editors can access the files online wherever they are, without delays, and reminders sent automatically. The submission on ScholarOne Manuscripts™ is straightforward, and will lead the authors through the process step by step, to ensure you complete all required elements, and obtain to the status of a paper without having to contact the journal administrator. By using ScholarOne Manuscripts™, we hope to expedite the review process faster than we have been doing so far.

There is a long way still to go, however we believe this really is a great leap forward in terms of quality. To make a submission, please visit

In this issue we are also celebrating a new mark in the RBFAR: 1200 pages (please see the graph), the largest number of pages already published in one year in our journal totalizing 149 articles. We expect to publish 180 articles by the end of 2012, also a new record, aiming to be one of the top scientific journals in the field of Pharmacy in Brazil. Thanks to the authors that believe in the RBFAR, to the reviewers whose work makes the growth in quality and excellence of the papers, and also to the editors who dedicate themselves tirelessly to the scientific dissemination of Pharmacognosy.

Cid Aimbire M. Santos


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    26 Oct 2012
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    Oct 2012
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