Performance of social movements and entities in the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil: Older adults care in long-term care facilities

Daiane de Souza Fernandes Roberta Cristina Cintra Taveira Luípa Michele Silva Luciana Kusumota Karla Cristina Giacomin Rosalina Aparecida Partezani Rodrigues About the authors



To analyze the content of documents proposed by social movements and professional associations to guide care in Long-Term Care Institutions for the Elderly (LTCF) during a COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil.


This is a documentary, retrospective, descriptive and exploratory research. It was found four websites and their respective documents were identified to guide the care of the older adultswho live in LTCF in the context of the pandemic in Brazil. Thematic analysis was performed using IRaMuTeQ software.


28 texts were selected for analysis. The social movement “National Front for Strengthening the LTCF” presented the highest number of productions. In the thematic analysis, three classes emerged: (1) Care as a contagion prevention strategy for COVID-19 at the LTCF; (2) The support of public managers as a right of the older adults living in the LTCF; and (3) The preservation of the social link of the LTCF residents during the pandemic.


Social movements and organizations had a quick performance in supporting the LTCF in Brazil through the dissemination of documents that guided the care of institutionalized older adults in situations of vulnerability. Greater involvement of public managers in the protection and the right to life of these older adults population is necessary.

Health of the Elderly; Homes for the Aged; Coronavirus Infections; Covid- 19; Pandemics

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