Social support for the elderly with HIV/Aids: an integrative review

Marcelo Caetano de Azevedo Tavares Márcia Carréra Campos Leal Ana Paula de Oliveira Marques Rogério Dubosselard Zimmermann About the authors



The present integrative literature review aimed to verify the scientific knowledge produced about social support for elderly persons with HIV/Aids.


A search was carried out in the Lilacs, Medline, Scopus and Web of Science databases for studies published in the last ten years. The final analysis consisted of seven articles.


It was found that social support is extremely important in the life of the elderly with HIV/Aids, and a real need for this support was identified. Such support can both contribute to quality of life in many ways, as well as impair the care of those who live with the disease, as the diagnosis, treatment and the entire stigma surrounding this chronic condition directly influence the type and quality of support provided.


It is hoped that the results of this review will contribute to are flection on health practices for the elderly with HIV/Aids.

Elderly; Social Support; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

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