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Cyclical mastalgias: a nonpharmacological treatment (reassurance)

Purpose: to evaluate the nonpharmacologic treatment (reassurance) as a first line therapy for women with cyclical mastalgia, and to observe if a prolonged course of pain alters the outcome. Methods: we conducted a noncontrolled experimental study with a sample of 128 eligible women with a clear history of cyclical mastalgia treated with reassurance. A visual linear analogical scale of the pain was used before and after treatment in order to assess its severity and the mastalgias were classified into degrees I (mild), II (moderate) and III (severe) according to the intensity of pain. We also used a modified Cardiff Breast Score (CBS) to assess the clinical response. The data analysis was performed using the chi² test (Epi-Info 6.04 software). Results: we verified a success rate of 59.4% with reassurance, but there was no significant statistical difference between the groups (p = 0.16) with different degrees of mastalgia. The less satisfactory response to the nonpharmacologic treatment in those pacients with a prolonged course of pain was only apparent, since there was no significant statistical difference (p = 0.14). Conclusion: reassurance should be always tried as the first choice treatment for women with cyclical mastalgia, independently of pain intensity. Prolonged course of pain did not alter the outcome.

Breast; Mastalgia, reassurance

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