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Vanguard and Tradition in the Manifesto of Joaquim Magazine

Fabricio Souza About the author


The article explores and discusses the analyses of “Manifesto para não ser lido” (Manifesto not to be read), the inaugural text of Joaquim magazine, created in 1946 by the Curitiba writer Dalton Trevisan. Since its inception, the magazine has been associated by literary critics with the heritage of the modernist avant-garde that has the Semana de 1922 as its benchmark. Although it is also linked to this tradition, the evidence analyzed on the Manifesto allows us to associate Erasmo Pilotto, who was responsible for its drafting, with Modernism in the Symbolist tradition. The divergences between the editors of the magazine, in regard to continuity or rupture with tradition, offer a privileged perspective on the debates held about the place Curitiba occupied on the Brazilian modernist scene.

Modernism; Manifestos; Dalton Trevisan; Erasmo Pilotto; Joaquim magazine

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