The Cronaca di Partenope and the Kingdom of Naples: Contributions of and to Brazilian historiography in the 21st century

Igor Salomão Teixeira About the author


This article reflects on aspects of Brazilian medieval historiography in the twenty-first century and proposes an analysis of Ms. Italien 301 Cronaca di Partenope (or P2). This manuscript presents the first narrative about Naples written in the vernacular between 1350 and 1390. It starts with the question: "How can this study contribute to medieval studies in Brazil?" Also mentioned are discussions about digital access to the manuscript and the skills necessary to analyze it. The conclusions show that in thematic dossiers published in Brazil between 2012 and 2015 themes such as power, political tensions, and their ramifications predominate. The contributions of this study point to an expansion of the understanding of the history of the Italian Peninsula and to reflections about tools and criticism of forms of access to documentation.

Cronaca di Partenope; Fourteenth Century; Brazilian Historiography

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