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Is it Possible to Indiscipline the Canon of the History of Brazilian Historiography? Afro-Diasporic Thinking and (Re)writing of History in Beatriz Nascimento and Clóvis Moura


In this paper we intend to critically question the canon of the history of Brazilian historiography through the (in)disciplinary postures of Afro-diasporic intellectuals such as Beatriz Nascimento and Clóvis Moura. For this, we will first try to delineate synthetically the construction of the history of historiography as an autonomous field in recent years, showing that its constitution was affected by a geopolitics of knowledge that reiterated white supremacy in the national disciplinary memory. Then, through Beatriz Nascimento and Clóvis Moura’s interrogations of the historiographical canon, we will highlight the possibilities of disciplinary reconstruction and decolonization of this field of knowledge through a racialized gaze that subverts silences and historicizes the epistemic place of a predominantly white, male, and Euro-centered field.

History of Historiography; (In)disciplinary Histories; Afro-diasporic Thinking; Beatriz Nascimento; Clóvis Moura

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