Epidemiological aspects patients with traumatic cataract who sought care in Hospital de Olhos do Paraná

Maria Celina Salazar Rubim Pereira Michele Aparecida Lonardoni Krieger Ana Cláudia Mariushi Hamilton Moreira About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the anatomic and the visual results of patients with traumatic cataract who sought care in Hospital de Olhos do Paraná (HOP), that were subjected to surgical treatment in this service. To describe their epidemiological and clinical aspects, and to analyze the post operative functional results. METHODS: There were included in the study all patients subjected to a surgical treatment and the following characteristics were analyzed: sex, age, pre and postoperative visual acuity, mechanism of trauma, associated ocular alterations and most frequent postoperative complications. RESULTS: Forty five patients were treated with clinical diagnosis of traumatic cataract during the study period. From the total, 25 were submitted the surgical treatment. The majority of patients were male (88%), a history of blunt trauma could be ascertained (52%) middle age 43±16 years reaching an economically active group. Manual laborers were the most frequent (14), followed by recreational accidents, home accidents and automobilistic accidents. Traumatic subluxation lens were the most frequent ocular alterations associated. Twenty two patients (88%) presented pre-operative visual acuity ≥ 20/400. Among the patients that were submitted to cataract surgery, 64% showed better visual acuity corrected by table of Snellen ≤ 20/40. Cause of poor post operative visual acuity posterior capsule opacity CONCLUSION: In this study, the majority of patients were male, with mean age of 43±16 years and victims of blunt trauma during their job without equipments of protection, reaching principally farmers, masons and locksmiths. It was observed a clear improvement of postoperative visual acuity among these patients.

Cataract; Wound and injuries; Eye injuries; Eye injuries; Lens subluxation; Treatment outcome

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