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Osteomyelitis of the scaphoid: a case report

Frederico Barra de Moraes Mário Yoshihide Kuwae Emanoel de Oliveira Akemi Kasahara Omi Freitas Fernanda Barboza de Oliveira Gustavo Barboza de Oliveira Juliana Cabral Nunes About the authors

The authors report a rare case of acute osteomyelitis of the scaphoid bone in the left wrist, due to Staphylococcus aureus, in a 53 year-old paraplegic man without an apparent initial cause. The treatment used was based in specific venous therapy with antibiotics and surgical draining, with good functional result after six months.

Carpal bones; Scaphoid bone; Bone diseases, infectious; Osteomyelitis; Case reports

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