Open rhinoplasty

Introduction: The open rhinoplasty began in the decade of 1930; in 1956 Secer published the technique of open rhinoplasty for the first time, even so it won credit starting from 1970.As indications of the open rhinoplasty are: nose without projection of the cartilage of the point or that requests functional progress of the nasal cartilage; twisted nose; traumatic nose; cases of secondary rhinoplasty; congenital deformities including labial rift; nasal valvuloplasty and learning of the rhinoplasty. Study design: Clinical retrospective. Material and method: In this study the authors bring the open rhinoplasty standing out its indications, advantages, disadvantages and the experience in 16 cases. The open rhinoplasty when, correct suitable, allows the global manipulation of the nasal structures and its corrections. The open rhinoplasty demonstrates to be a technique of simple manipulation and easy learning. Conclusion: In our sample complications were not observed demonstrating to be a safe surgery.

rhinoplasty; open rhinoplasty; indications; surgery

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