Septorhinoplasty in children

José Victor Maniglia Fernando Drimel Molina Luciano Pereira Maniglia Claudia Pereira Maniglia About the authors

Introdução : nasal septal deformity is one of the most important causes of respiratory obstruction in children, responsible for chronic rinossinusites, otites media, feeding difficulty and complications of oral breathers. Surgical correction should be performed, early in life, when indicated. Study design: clinical retrospective. Material and method: A series of 80 patients, between 4 and 14 years of age, on whom Septoplasty, Septorrinoplasty, Rhinoplasty associated with others surgical procedures, as adenoidectomy, adenotonsilectomy and turbinectomy is presented. Resultado: recurrence of septal deviation occurred in 4 cases, pyramid deviation in 4, sinechiae in 3, septal perforation in 1 and infection in 1. Conclusão: rinosseptoplasty can be safely performed early in life when indicated and combined surgical procedures should be realized at the same time.

septoplasty; rhinosseptoplasty; rhinoplasty; children

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