Parasitoids of muscoids diptera collected at Alvorada slaughterhouse in Itumbiara, south of Goiás, Brazil

Carlos H. Marchiori Alexandre S Leles Selma A. De Carvalho Renata F. Rodrigues About the authors

Species of parasitoids associated with synanthropic flies were trapped by using shopped bovine liver as bites at slaughterhouse Itumbiara in the State of Goiás, from March to December 2005. Pupae were obtained by removing them from sand, after using liver baits as substract to atract flies. They were individually placed in gelatin capsules until the emergency of the adult flies or their parasitoids. The overall prevalence of parasitism was 15.3%. The frequency, percentage and species of parasitoids collected were: 205 specimens (2.3%) of Aphaereta sp., 173 (80.0%) of Brachymeria podagrica, 578 (15.7%) of Nasonia vitripennis, one (0.5%) of Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae and two (0.9%) of Spalangia sp. and one (0.5%) of Trybliographa sp., respectively. The parasitoids Aphaereta sp., B. podagrica, N. vitripennis, P. vindemmiae, Spalangia sp. and Trybliographa sp. had a parasitism percentage of 0.4, 12.3, 2.4, 0.1, 0.1 and 0.1, respectively. The parasitizing diptera were: Chrysomya albiceps, C . megacephala, Musca domestica, Oxysarcodexia thornax, Peckia chrysostoma and Sarcodexia lambens.

Diptera; Hymenoptera; natural enemy; traps; baits

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