The Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Parasitology, a medium of the Brazilian College of Veterinary Parasitology, has set for the year 2010 some important goals focused primarily on increasing publishing efficiency and streamlining the review process and publication of articles. We clearly we have to improve access and dissemination of our publication, and thus the quality of published articles is critical for gaining greater international visibility. To achieve these goals we all have to be involved and teamwork is vital. It is a long-term dynamic effort calling for dedication, commitment, and innovation and a close relationship between the publisher and authors, assistant editors and reviewers is crucial for a successful scientific journal. The authors have to clearly understand our guidelines while submitting their articles for publication as this will be reflected in the work of our reviewers and assistant editors and can reduce the time required for the entire review process. RBPV provides support by proofreading the texts of articles in the language they are submitted and advising on corrections to statistical methods, but this is an efficiency measure that requires further improvement. Scientific plagiarism is a concern of any scientific publisher. Anti-plagiarism tools are available in several international journals; however, to use them our reviewers have to be more committed and devote greater attention to identifying plagiarized data. It is also equally important that the articles submitted for publication will have a certificate of submission and approval of an Animal Care and Ethics Committee and this certificate is now required by RBPV when research studies involve animal experimentation. And starting from issue number 3 of volume 19, RBPV will publish full papers and research notes in English so that we are taking a step forward to disseminate knowledge produced in Brazil to the international scientific community. From 2010, RBPV will be no longer be published in print and it will be available online only (free full text). In addition, it is our goal to provide the journal's articles with DOI and JCR and there is an ongoing process for RBPV to be incorporated into the SciELO database. Review articles will be accepted under invitation of the Scientific Editor only and they have to prioritize topics of expertise of recognized research groups.

RBPV will continue to be a vehicle for the dissemination of Veterinary Parasitology and we thank authors, reviewers and scientific editors for their valuable volunteer collaboration. Our dream has been kept alive and is now being renewed, and RBPV thrives on the continually evolving scientific knowledge.

Rosangela Zacarias Machado

Publication Dates

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    17 Sept 2010
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    Mar 2010
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