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The Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária (RBPV, Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Parasitology), the publication medium of the Brazilian College of Veterinary Parasitology, started the year 2012 confident that certain essential targets will be reached, with a focus on greater efficiency in submissions of studies for publication and reduction of the time taken for reviewers' reports on scientific articles for publication to be sent in. Greater dissemination of published papers is being achieved, and we can already see that greater international visibility is being attained. Teamwork has been and will continue to be very important in this, along with cooperation between authors, reviewers and scientific editors. This has been fundamental and has contributed towards the RBPV's growth. The number of articles submitted online has increased considerably since the RBPV's incorporation into the SciELO database. The journal has a JCR impact factor of 0.712 and, in the last assessment by CAPES (Brazilian Coordinating Office for Advancement of University-level Personnel), it was classified as B1. The RBPV will continue to be the means for disseminating veterinary parasitology. We thank our authors for their collaboration, and our reviewers and scientific editors for their tireless voluntary work in evaluating submitted articles. The dream that we all share has not grown old: on the contrary, it is renewed every day, and the RBPV is nourished through constantly evolving scientific knowledge.

Rosangela Zacarias Machado

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    02 Jan 2013
  • Date of issue
    Dec 2012
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