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Reinfestation of Streblidae ectoparasites (Diptera) in Carollia perspicillata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Chiroptera)

Reinfestação de ectoparasitas Streblidae (Diptera) em Carollia perspicillata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Mammalia: Chiroptera)

The mark-recapture method allows analysis on the variation in the abundance of bat ectoparasites at consecutive captures. The objectives of this study were to compare the pattern of Streblidae parasitism between capture and recapture of C. perspicillata; ascertain whether the abundance of Streblidae varied with time after removal of ectoparasites at capture and analyze whether the intensity of parasitism remained the same in each individual at capture and recapture. Using bats netted in the State of Rio de Janeiro, 42 individuals of C. perspicillata parasitized by two Streblidae species, Trichobius joblingi Wenzel, 1966 and Strebla guajiro (Garcia & Casal, 1965), were selected. The pattern of parasitism observed at capture was similar at recapture. No relationship was observed between the capture-recapture time interval and the abundance of ectoparasites. There was no relationship between the abundances of ectoparasites at capture and recapture of each individual

Host-parasite interaction; mark-recapture; Strebla guajiro; Trichobius joblingi

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