Developing and validating an educational brochure to promote breastfeeding and the infant’s complementary food

Nalu de Moraes Ribeiro Ada Yukari Kanashiro Pereira Ciléa Maria dos Santos Ozela About the authors



to describe the stages of developing and validating two educational brochures to promote breastfeeding and the infant’s complementary food.


an observational descriptive study was performed with eight health professionals and 60 caregiver of children under two years old divided into two groups of 30 (one for each brochure) in a Pediatric Outpatient Clinic at a Maternal and Child Reference Hospital. The research was developed in four stages: bibliographical survey, development of the brochures, validation by specialists and target audience and adequacy of the materials. The validation method used was the Índice de Validade de Conteúdo (Content Validity Index) calculation.


two nutritional orientation brochures for infants were developed. Experts validated the breastfeeding brochure on its relevance and the brochure on complementary food regarding its relevance and goal. The other items were validated after suggested modifications. In relation to the target audience, the concordance index found in brochures 1 and 2 was higher than 75%. The Índice de Validade de Conteúdo Global (Global Content Validity Index) of the materials was greater than 0.78.


regarding its appearance and content after the adjustments, the brochures were considered valid by the experts and the representatives of the target audience.

Key words
Pamphlets; Nutritional education; Breastfeeding; Complementary food; Validation study

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