Elaboration and psychometric analysis of a questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge of community health workers about breastfeeding

Lanuza Borges Oliveira Frederico Marques Andrade Pedro Henrique Dias Cabral Antônio Prates Caldeira About the authors



to develop and analyze the psychometric properties of a questionnaire to assess community health workers’ knowledge on breastfeeding.


this is a methodological study for the development of an instrument and analysis of validity and reliability. For the elaboration of items and identification of dimensions, a literature review was conducted. The items were submitted to the evaluation of a committee of judges, for apparent and content analysis. Construct validation was conducted through hypothesis test, with the participation of 282 community health workers and 19 pediatricians and obstetric nurses. For analysis and comparison of scores, the Mann-Whitney U test was used, assuming a significance level of 5%. Reliability was assessed using Cronbach's alpha coefficient and temporal consistency of the instrument was assessed using test-retest and Kappa analysis.


the final instrument presented a favorable opinion from the committee of judges. The hypothesis test showed that the questionnaire has discriminatory power to assess professionals with a higher level of knowledge (p<0.001). The Kappa test revealed that 63% of the items showed substantive to almost perfect agreement. The 32-item questionnaire showed a Cronbach's alpha of 0.794.


the instrument developed was valid and reliable, allowing effective measurement of community health workers’ knowledge on breastfeeding.

Key words:
Breastfeeding; Community health workers; Family health strategy; Primary health care; Validation studies

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