Daily workroutine and health of civil servants of the maintenance sector of a public university

ABSTRACT Changes in work organization structures that occurred by the end of the XXth century produced transformation in labor relations, which affected both private and public companies. The objective of this investigation was to analyze the implications of work organization and daily routine on the health of technical and administrative civil servants who worked in the maintenance sector of a public university. Twelve civil servants linked to the University Campus Services were interviewed individually in 2006. Four analysis categories were identified by means of Analysis of Content. Two of them are described in this manuscript: daily workroutine and work conditions/organization. The interviewers' answers showed the university invests little in the maintenance area. Many of the workers reported work-related physical disorders. The conclusion of our study was that workers physical and mental health can be damaged by their daily workroutine. Restructuring and investment in the maintenance sector would certainly lead to improvement in the quality of work processes and workers health.

public service; worker's health; work organization; daily work routine; maintenance sector

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