Sugarcane treated with calcium oxide and different concentrate levels for feedlot beef heifers

Kamila Andreatta Kling de Moraes Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho Eduardo Henrique Bevitori Kling de Moraes Maria Ignez Leão Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares Odilon Gomes Pereira Bárbara Pena Soléro About the authors

This research was carried out to evaluate the performance, total apparent digestibility, efficiency of microbial synthesis, nitrogen balance (NB) of crossbreed Holstein × Zebu heifers fed sugarcane treated or not with calcium oxide (CaO - 1.0%) and different concentrate levels (CL), in feedlot. A total of 24 animals with initial average 177.0 kg BW and 8-12 months old was allotted to a complete randomized design with a 2 × 3 factorial arrangement, sugarcane in nature and sugarcane treated or not with 1.0% CaO and three CL (0.0, 0.5 and 1.0% BW). No interaction between forage and CL for nutrients intake was observed. Except for NDF intake, diet based in sugarcane treated with CaO reduced the nutrients intake (kg/day and % BW). Only the NDF intake was unaffected by CL, the other nutrients showed a positive linearly behavior as CL increased. No effects of the treatment of sugarcane with CaO and interaction between forage and CL on nutrient digestibilities were observed, except for NDF that increased with the CL in the diets. The microbial N and N urea content in serum was smaller in animals that were fed sugarcane treated with CaO. The efficiency of microbial synthesis, with mean value of 12.10 gCPmic/100 g TDN, was unaffected by the sugarcane treated with CaO to and nor by CL. Sugarcane treated with CaO reduced the average daily gain, which increased with the CL. Sugarcane treated with 1.0% CaO, fed after 24 hours of storage, prejudice most of nutrient intakes and worse the animal performance, while the concentrate offer levels up to 1.0% BW improve animal performance.

digestibility; hydrolyze; intake; performance

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