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Lipid composition of meat from zebu and taurine cattle finished in confinement

This study was carried out to evaluate total lipids (TL), cholesterol and fatty acids (FA) in the longissimus dorsi muscle of Bos taurus (n=40) and Bos indicus (n=40) bulls, aged 30-36 months and 240-270 kg carcass weight, finished in the feedlot for 90 days. The total lipids content was similar in both groups. Cholesterol was higher in Bos indicus (66.95 mg/100 g) than in Bos taurus (37.37 mg/100 g). For saturated fatty acids, the means for C14:0 and C18:0 were higher in Bos indicus (3.52 and 22.45%), than in Bos taurus (3.08 e 18.67%). The C16:0 was higher in Bos taurus (26.14%), as compared to Bos indicus (24.77%). For monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), Bos taurus had higher levels of C14:1 cis9, C16:1 cis9, C18:1 cis9, ΣMUFA but lower levels of C:18:1 trans. For polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), Bos taurus presented higher percentages of C18:3 n-3, C20:4 n-6 and C22:5 n-3. The C18:2 n-6, CLA, C20:5 n-3, C22:6 n-3, ΣPUFA and Σn-6 FA were similar between the groups. The ratio n-6/n-3 was lower in Bos taurus (4.63) than in Bos indicus (5.70). In general, there was a genetic influences in the cholesterol and fatty acids of cattle profile, and this effect was more pronounced for saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

cholesterol; fatty acids; supplementation

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