Use of raw Euphorbia tirucalli extract for inhibition of ascitic Ehrlich tumor

Orlando José dos Santos Euler Nicolau Sauaia Filho Flávia Raquel Fernandes do Nascimento Francisco Cardoso Silva Júnior Eder Magalhães Silva Fialho Rayan Haquim Pinheiro Santos Rennan Abud Pinheiro Santos Izabel Cristina Portela Bogéa Serra About the authors


to evaluate the effect of the Euphorbia tirucalli hydroalcoholic extract (ETHE) on the development of Ehrlich Tumor, in its ascitic form.


we intraperitoneally inoculated 15 Swiss mice with 10.44 x 107 cells of Ehrlich Tumor and divided them in two groups one day after: ETHE Group (eight mice), treated with a dosage of 125 mg/kg/day of EHTE for five days; and Control Group (seven mice), treated only with 0.9% isotonic saline solution over the same period. The treatment was done by gavage. Ten days after inoculation, four mice from each group were sacrificed for quantification of tumor cell number, ascitic fluid volume and bone marrow cell number. The remaining animals were maintained to evaluate survival.


The ascitic fluid volume and the tumor cell number were decreased in the ETHE group when compared with the control group, but with no statistical significance. On the other hand, survival was higher in the ETHE group, as well as the number of bone marrow cells.


Treatment with ETHE after inoculation of Ehrlich Tumor decreases its development and increases survival and the bone marrow cellularity, thus reducing the myelosuppression present in the Ehrlich Tumor bearing mice.

Physical Therapy Specialty; Plant Extracts; Euphorbiaceae; Carcinoma, Ehrlich Tumor; Mice

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