Immunohistochemical analysis of tissue factor expression in gastric carcinoma: correlations with prognosis and survival.

Marcelo Garcia Toneto Pedro Lucas Depaula Letícia Debon Bruna Tertuliano Vinícius Duval Silva Matteo Baldisseroto André Poisl Fay Gustavo Franco Carvalhal About the authors



to study the expression of the tissue factor (TF) and its correlation with prognosis and survival in patients with gastric carcinoma.


we measured the immunohistochemical expression of TF in 50 specimens of gastric adenocarcinomas from patients submitted to curative surgery. We then compared the intensity of its expression with clinical and pathological data, TNM staging, prognostic factors and survival.


all tumors displayed TF expression; the intensity of TF expression was not associated with TNM stage, clinical or pathological variables or general survival.


TF has a high expression in gastric carcinoma, but that it is not useful as a prognostic marker.

Thromboplastin; Immunohistochemistry; Stomach Neoplasms; Prognosis

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