Health Management: the undergraduates' learning and academic education

PURPOSE: to compare the previous and posterior education-learning knowledge of the 3rd year students of speech-language and hearing pathology's students about the topic Health Management. METHOD: the subjects were asked to answer a protocol before and after one year Health Management taught to be obtained the information about the learning and the relation with health-disease process, own daily lives management and what they consider a management guiding principle in the Seepch-language and hearing profession. Data were analyzed with the application of qualitative methodology Árvore de Associação de Ideias. RESULTS: the results were organized in three categories (1) Health-disease process, (2) Recovery health, (3) Speech-language and hearing pathology: therapy as a cure. In the first category it was observed that students changed the ideia of the conceptualization of health as opposed to the disease to a factor inherent in the quality of life. In the second category self-medication and the search for private care were found. And the third category they indicated the need of speech-language and hearing therapists work holistically to improve the individual's quality of life. CONCLUSION: the undergraduate training in speech-language and hearing pathology elicited partial understanding of health-disease process as a primary guideline and the challenge will be to initiate new instabilities production and provide full conditions for this knowledge capillarity in the disciplines of speech-language and hearing sciences.

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences; Health Management; Public Health

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