David Harvey: Dispossession or Expropriation? Does capital have an “outside”?

David Harvey: espoliação ou expropriação? Há “lado de fora” do capital?

Virgínia Fontes About the author


The present excerpt is taken from a book that stands for the concept of capital-imperialism in order to explain the contemporary period (which integrates theory of value and the state). It proposes a debate, with David Harvey, on the concept of accumulation by dispossession, arguing that expropriation forms are not limited to a "primitive" moment but they are part of an enlarged form of expansion of capital and capitalism itself. It presents a comparative investigation between the formulations present in the works of Karl Marx, Karl Kautsky and Rosa Luxemburg, to critically reflect on the concepts of "external/internal", as well as expropriation and capitalist accumulation in the contemporary context.

David Harvey; expropriation; neoliberalism; dispossession; enlarged reproduction

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