Fábio Luiz de Carvalho Rios Raquel Janissek-Muniz About the authors

The growth in competition, has called for both the need to follow the activities of competitors, and the needs of clients. Brazil, since the beginning of the 2000s, has witnessed a greater emphasis on methodologies focused on observing an organization's external environment, also known as intelligence methodologies. They are many, and all these target on assisting organizations, in one way or another, in acquiring and using information. With the growth of the internet, more and more information is being generated which allows the monitoring of the competitive environment in which organizations operate. Thus, taking into account the methodologies and assumptions intelligence available to large volumes of information for monitoring of competition environments, it makes sense to imagine that a software can help in this scenario. However, this brings up the issue of knowing which features should such an application have? This is the main subject of this study. Via extensive bibliographical research and interviews with both specialists and professionals in the field of intelligence, it was possible to formulate a proposal for a structured checklist of functionalities that a software application should have to be of true assistance in this vital process which is currently being adopted in many Brazilian organizations.

intelligence; software; software features; intelligence methodologies

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