Conflict management strategies used by Portuguese nurse managers

Estrategias de gestión de conflictos utilizadas por enfermeros gestores portugueses

Maria Manuela Martins Leticia de Lima Trindade Lara Vandresen Simone Coelho Amestoy Ana Paula Prata Carlos Vilela About the authors



to analyze the perception and conflict management strategies used by nurses in the management of people in Portuguese health services.


descriptive, correlational study, carried out in Portuguese health services, with an intentional non-probabilistic sample, totaling 95 nurse managers. A questionnaire and Conflict Management Scale were used, analyzing the variables of managerial activities and conflict management, with the aid of software.


it was identified that 60% of the managers, report having to mediate conflicts daily, and the majority report adopting dialogue in conduct. However, through the Kruskal-Wallis test, it was shown that enforcement strategies in conflict management prevail (p = 0.008), with collaborative ones being more restricted to monthly intervals (p = 0.049).


managers perceive the importance of collaboration in the mediation of conflicts, however, in their daily lives; they tend to maintain imposing behaviors, signaling for a little transformational leadership style.

Nursing; Health Management; Health Manager; Health Services Administration; Leadership

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