Care path of person with stroke: from onset to rehabilitation

Camino que recorre la persona con accidente vascular encefálico: desde el acontecimiento hasta la rehabilitación

Ana da Conceição Alves Faria Maria Manuela Ferreira Pereira da Silva Martins Soraia Dornelles Schoeller Leandro Oliveira de Matos About the authors



to describe the care path of the person with stroke goes through and to identify the important events in this path.


qualitative descriptive exploratory research, using the semi-structured interview technique based on Meleis's Middle-Range Theory. The sample was composed of 13 people who became dependent after a stroke and were admitted to two hospital units in the region of Vale do Ave, Portugal. Data were collected between January and October 2013. Content analysis was used to analyze the data.


The data revealed that the person's care path goes from recognition of the symptoms to preparation for hospital discharge. Adapting to the new situation of dependence brings the need for new competencies.

Final considerations:

The research aims to contribute to the improvement of nursing care regarding care for people with stroke including onset, recovery and rehabilitation, and home care.

Stroke; Disabled Persons; Nursing Care; Rehabilitation; Rehabilitation Nursing

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