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Stress and cardiovascular risk: multi-professional intervention in health education



to identify cardiovascular risk in educators (administrators and teachers) from the South region of Brazil, evaluated before and after intervention with stress management activities and health education.


longitudinal study of the before and after type. The sample consisted of 49 participants. Variables studied were socio-demographic, morbidity antecedents and lifestyle habits. Measured risk factors for cardiovascular disease were arterial blood pressure, body mass index, ratio of waist to hip size, lipid profile and capillary blood glucose. Stress levels were evaluated using the Lipp Stress Symptoms Inventory (LSSI). The study ran for four months, with weekly meetings of a multidisciplinary team.


after intervention, the study observed a statistically significant reduction of the investigated variables, except for blood glucose levels in the administrators group.


stress management activities are potential tools in the identification and control of the risk factors studied, particularly in those involving multi- and trans-disciplinary focus.

Key words:
Psychological Stress; Cardiovascular Diseases; Health Education; Nursing; Psychology

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