Limits and possibilities experienced by nurses in the treatment of women with chronic venous ulcers* * Extracted from the study “Adesão ao tratamento da úlcera venosa crônica: perspectiva da mulher,” 1st Exhibition of Studies of the Graduate Nursing Program, School of Nursing, University of São Paulo, 2013

Límites y posibilidades vividas por enfermeras en el tratamiento de mujeres con úlcera venosa crónica

Marcelo Henrique da Silva Maria Cristina Pinto de Jesus Miriam Aparecida Barbosa Merighi Deíse Moura de Oliveira About the authors


To understand the experiences and expectations of nurses in the treatment of women with chronic venous ulcers.


Phenomenological research was based on Alfred Schütz, whose statements were obtained in January, 2012, through semi-structured interviews with seven nurses.


The nurse reveals the difficulties presented by the woman in performing self-care, the perceived limitations in the treatment anchored in motivation, and the values and beliefs of women. It showed professional frustration because venous leg ulcer recurrence, lack of inputs, interdisciplinary work and training of nursing staff. There was an expected adherence to the treatment of women, and it emphasized the need for ongoing care, supported self-care and standard practices in treatment.


That treatment of chronic venous leg ulcers constitutes a challenge that requires collective investment, involving women, professionals, managers and health institutions.

Women; Varicose ulcer; Nursing care; Adherence to treatment; Primary Health Care; Qualitative research

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