Death education for nursing professors and students: a document review of the scientific literature

In Western cultures, Death is not among the favorite topics. Nevertheless, how should professionals who deal with Death on a daily basis behave? What meaning does Death have to them? This study consists of a survey on scientific literature about the referred subject in nursing education. Using a qualitative method, a documentary exploratory study was performed, characterized by a survey over a five-year period. The following keywords were used: Nursing Professor and Student, Death and Dying. Twelve articles were located and comprised three categories: Nursing students and dealing with death every day; The nursing professor dealing with death every day and the teaching skills; Academic education providing support for a critical-reflexive view about death-dying. In conclusion, there is o preparation for nursing students on the referred theme. Changing the current situation is only possible with greater investments and if further studies are performed.

Death; Education, nursing; Students, nursing; Faculty, nursing; Attitude to death

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