Burnout among young swimmers: frequencies feelings independent of gender and category of competition

Marlene Salvina Fernandes da Costa Saulo Fernandes Melo de Oliveira Breno Quintella Farah Fernando José de Sá Pereira Guimarães Marcos André Moura dos Santos About the authors

To verify the prevalence of burnout syndrome in swimmers and compare the differences in dimensions of burnout among gender and categories of competition, 102 competitive swimmers (65 males and 37 females, 14-19 years), was divided according to their respective competition categories. Feelings related to burnout were analyzed by the Athlete Burnout Questionnaire - ABQ. The chi-square test was used to compare the proportion of athletes exposed to Burnout Total, physical and emotional exhaustion (EFE), reduced sense of accomplishment sports (RSRE) and devaluation of sport (DME) in relation gender and category of competition, with P≤0.05. The analysis showed an exposure of 24.5 % burnout total EFE 35.3 %, 64.7 % and 22.5 % RSRE to the DME. No differences were found between gender and competition categories (p > 0.05). The swimmers evaluated showed exposure to dimensions of feelings of burnout, however, these events seem to occur regardless of gender and categories of competition.

Swimming; Athletes; Sports

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