The 9th Brazilian Congress on Open Pit Mines and Underground Mines

Jório Coelho About the author

REM - International Engineering Journal (Rem: Revista Escola de Minas) has continuously supported diverse organizations (Universities, IBRAM - Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração, SBGq - the Brazilian Geochemistry Society, SBG - the Brazilian Geological Society-Minas Gerais Branch, student organizations, etc.) in divulging their articles, activities, events, etc.

This Special Supplement for the issue REM # 1, January / March 2019, is dedicated to the 9th Brazilian Congress on Open Pit Mines and Underground Mines, which was conducted by IBRAM - Brazilian Institute of Mining and the Federal University of Minas Gerais through the School of Engineering - Department of Mining Engineering (Demin).

Around 14 articles were chosen by the Organizing Committee before being submitted to REM for peer review, of which five of them were rejected. Among the articles accepted, three called our attention and deserve special mention.

The first one: "Application of the ISO 31000 standard on tailings dam safety" calls attention for having had the following comment from the evaluators during the analysis: If we publish the article as presented, we could miss an important opportunity for REM to excel with a pioneering article that could generate many quotations. This commentary gave the authors an opportunity to improve their article.

The second one: "DNPM actions on the implementation of Law 12.334 / 2010: from the ordinances and inspections to the SIGBM". Although not an article on the theme of the event, it involves knowledge so that the miners can carry out research / mining operations within the requirements defined by the Brazilian government.

The third one, "Mine Closure in Ouro Preto: the remnants of the 18th century gold rush and tourism as an economic opportunity", presents the beginnings of the search for gold in Minas Gerais. It was recommended to the main author, who is developing a thesis on the subject, to seek support from Mine Geology, as was done a few years ago by Mineração Morro Velho, and if I remember right, by Geologist Geraldo Ibrahim and his team.

I now leave it to the readers to judge the other articles. Considering the importance of the IBRAM-Demin event for mining, and with a cumulative experience of nine years, who knows, this event could easily become an international one.

Prof. Jório Coelho
Doctor Engineer by Polytecnique Institute of Lorraine-France
Retired professor of Federal University of Ouro Preto - School of Mines-Department of Geology
35400-000 - Ouro Preto - BR

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    Jan-Mar 2019
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