Preserve Planet EARTH. If not you, WHO? If not Now, WHEN?

Prof. Jório Coelho About the author

About 30 years ago, the “Preserve Planet EARTH” campaign was, launched by Rotary International, which at that time was chaired by a Bra-zilian, Paulo Viriato Correia da Costa, an architect graduated from Mac-kenzie University in São Paulo.

In a lecture on the topic of environmental preservation, I received a small souvenir, a watch, which I still have, on which the title of this edito-rial was engraved.

The mineral sector, being the most impactful visually, became the “ugly duckling” of the environment. In this pandemic moment, the Brazilian Mining Institute - IBRAM, explains in a video that ores are input for all industries, including agribusiness, the medicinal sector, construction, digital communication, the chemical sector, for the generation of energy, for the manufacture of medical equipment, such as respirators so useful in the treatment of those affected by the new coronavirus (Covid-19), and for many other productive segments.

It is possible that the tragedies of Mariana, Brumadinho (Brazil), San José mine in 2010 (Chile), the collapse of a coal mine in the Shaanxi region (in northern China) and many others existing in the world, could have been avoided, but convictions, including those of laypeople (journalists, lawyers, politicians, etc.), are that people have forgotten that the comfort of their cars, air conditioning, etc., are as, or more, responsible for global warming, than the low mining impact.

Just out of curiosity, Samarco was founded in 1977, but in 1970, working, as a geologist at RIB - Rutilo and Ilmenita do Brasil, at the mouth of the Doce River, researching heavy minerals, around 4 million tons were cubed, of which 95 % were magnetite and hematite, and many reports said that it came from the company mentioned.

Therefore, environmental protection becomes necessary, and it is everyone's responsibility, by the way, if not you, WHO? If not Now, WHEN?

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    22 June 2020
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    Jul-Sep 2020
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